Loyola also has its own alumni association, to help the passed out students to keep in constant touch with their institution. The school maintains a huge database of ex-students and provides free online facility to register in the association.

Loyola was established in the year 1969 and has since then been producing stalwarts in various walks of life-men who epitomize strength of character, a knack for recognizing talent and a vision that transforms dreams into reality. The old boys association was formed to provide a common platform for these personalities from different walks of life come together and regale the moments spent during the foundation years of their life.

The primary objective of the Association is to promote and maintain contacts among the ex-students of The Loyola High School, and to help the school with matters concerning its promotion, development and welfare.

The Alumni Association has played a very active role in meeting its objectives by holding social functions, sporting events, fund raising drives, reunion dinners and lunches annually and by publishing magazines and directories, issuing scholarships etc.

The Alumni Association is managed by the Executive Committee which has elected members from the Association representing a broad range of graduating classes.